About Julia Ward

Julia has been teaching Body Control Pilates for nearly 10 years.  She teaches regular classes in South Norfolk and North Suffolk. 

Julia has been trained to a level 3 Registered Exercise Professional standard (REPs).  As part of Julia’s personal goals she regularly attends specialist Pilates courses to further her knowledge and understanding of how exercise can help the human body. 

Some of the courses she has undertaken include:-
Beginners Pilates
Intermediate Pilates
Standing Pilates
Pilates with the band
Pilates with the Pilates ball (big gym ball)
Pilates with small overballs
Pilates with the toning circle
Pilates on the roller
Pilates for the older person (incorporating Pilates for both MS and Parkinsons)
Pilates for good bone health (Osteoporosis)
Pilates for Scoliosis
Pilates for lower back pain
Pilates for hypermobility

Julia is currently undertaking her Pilates Reformer training and exams.  A reformer is a piece of Pilates equipment which aids movement using weighted springs on a flat bed-like frame.  For 1:1s on the Reformer please contact Julia.